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This Calculator Is Intended For Educational And Illustrative Purposes Only.

The results of this calculator should not be relied upon to determine ALTCS eligibility, only the Arizona Department of Economic Security can make those determinations. You should use conduct your own due diligence is you believe you or another person may be eligible for ALTCS Benefits. More information can be found about the ALTCS by visiting

This Calculator Does Have Known Limitations.

  1. The calculations are specific to 2024 income and asset limits.
  2. The calculator does not account for a married couple both needing ALTCS.
  3. The calculator does not account for type of countable and uncountable income and assets.
  4. The calculator does not account for the treatment of some types of special trusts.

NOTE: Non-countable assets include the primary residence in Arizona (the applicant's home equity limit is $713,000.00), one vehicle, personal property, home goods, specific burial accounts, and Special Needs Trusts for disabled people below the age of 65.


What are your total assets, excluding not countable assets?