Concierge placement service

is only a click away.

Our team has curated the best available care options in Arizona for you. Best yet, we are a FREE service.

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How our complimentary service works

Speak with an advisor

  • Decide best setting type: Assisted Living Center, Assisted Living Home, Memory Care, Independent Living, Behaviorial Care
  • Screen for benefits: ALTCS, VA Benefits, etc.
  • Determine sustainable budget
  • Define search area take a load off.

Our team is comprised of experts in the field of long-term care and specialize in coordinating resources to facilitate the goal of safe, sustainable, care with dignity and respect.

Review your options

  • Personalized quotes will begin to arrive in the 1st hour
  • Your personalized report will be available within 3 business hours
  • Your report will cover:
    • Availablility
    • Pricing
    • Setting Details
    • State Inspection Records
    • Links to online reviews, websites, social pages, etc. (if available)

When you love your options, let us know your favorites and we will setup the tours.

Tour and Decide

  • A CareWise representative is available to tour with you.
  • With travel, expect to budget 45 min per toured location.
  • Your CareWise representative will assist is asking pertinent questions
  • Once you've decided we will:
    • Coordinate the move-in
    • Arrange transportation (if needed)
    • Review agreements (if needed)
    • Assist with financial arrangements (if needed)
    • Order relevant state reqired admission documents (if needed)
    • Links to online reviews, websites, social pages, etc. (if available)

Once moved, we continue to make our services available to you to ensure the quality of care.

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