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Memory Care Overview

Below you will find a summary of Memory Care options. Speak with your Care Advocate regarding your specific needs.

In Arizona there is no specific license for Memory Care Facilities. Some Memory Care facilities operate under a behavioral health license, but the vast majority of the time they are operated under and Assisted Living License.

It is easiest to think of Memory Care as a specialty practice offered by some Assisted Living Facilities.

Memory Care units at Assisted Living Centers are generally separate from the assisted living units with their own dedicated staff, dining facilities and recreational areas. Due to the unique challenges posed by the diseases effecting memory, most units are secured to prevent wandering and the rooms lack appliances like ovens and microwaves that could present a safety hazard.

Memory Care is best suited for those diagnosed with a Dementia, who are in the later stages and where the dementia is presenting itself in a way that poses a risk to the patient or others.

Prices for Memory Care in an Assisted Living Center setting range from as low as $4,500/month all the way up to $8,000+/month. In a residential Assisted Living Home setting the prices range from $2,500/month up to $6,000+/month.

Due to the many unique challenges associated with Memory Care and the absence of a license specific to Memory Care, it is important you speak with your Care Advocate regarding the best options available.



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I could not be happier with the services provided by CareWise. Genevieve was incredibly professional and kind during the process of finding a home that could give the attention necessary for my brothers needs. Just having someone who would LISTEN to our needs took so much pressure off.


Patrick and Genevieve have worked tirelessly and with great expertise to help me find and vet the right facility for my mother. They have a broad and deep knowledge of the facilities in the greater Scottsdale area and have helped me with hundreds of details and important information about each of the choices I reviewed.


My elderly brother needed a new living arrangement after he convalesced following a hospital stay. My nephew connected with Patrick and Genevieve through the hospital and we could not have found the perfect place for my brother without them. There are so many options in the Phoenix area that none of us had the time to figure out what place would be best for him. The experience was great and they are both very caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them if a family was in need of finding the perfect place for a family member.



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