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Estate Planning Overview

Here we have an overview of Estate Planning. Speak with your Care Advocate regarding your specific needs.

If you do not have a plan for your estate then the estate will go into probate. The most basic form of estate planning is a will, but depending on care needs it may be more complicated than that. Many with assets that exceed the resource limits for ALTCS/Medicaid or VA Pension would like to utilize those resources to help cover the cost of their care in the future, but would also like to gift the majority of their estate to family, friends or an organization near and dear to them. This is where proper estate planning makes all the difference.

We’ve worked with a number of local attorneys who specialize in all things related to Elderlaw. Services like a basic will could cost as little as a few hundred dollars and services like ALTC’s or VA benefits estate planning could cost $10,000 or more depending upon the attorney selected. Based upon our experience we are able to refer legal professionals who can deliver the results you need at a cost that makes sense.

If you need any estate planning help please reach out to your Care Advocate.



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I could not be happier with the services provided by CareWise. Genevieve was incredibly professional and kind during the process of finding a home that could give the attention necessary for my brothers needs. Just having someone who would LISTEN to our needs took so much pressure off.


Patrick and Genevieve have worked tirelessly and with great expertise to help me find and vet the right facility for my mother. They have a broad and deep knowledge of the facilities in the greater Scottsdale area and have helped me with hundreds of details and important information about each of the choices I reviewed.


My elderly brother needed a new living arrangement after he convalesced following a hospital stay. My nephew connected with Patrick and Genevieve through the hospital and we could not have found the perfect place for my brother without them. There are so many options in the Phoenix area that none of us had the time to figure out what place would be best for him. The experience was great and they are both very caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them if a family was in need of finding the perfect place for a family member.



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