CLEARWATER AHWATUKEE | Assisted Living | Phoenix, Arizona



Facility License Details

  • License Number:  AL12388C
  • Licensed Capacity: 163.0
  • License Status: Active
  • License Effective: 2022-11-03
  • License Expiration: 2024-11-03

Inspection History



Care Attributes

  • Accepts Bariatic Residents False
  • Accepts Physically Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Verbally Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Exit Seeking Residents True
  • Accepts Residents With Complex Medical Care Needs False
  • Accepts Wandering Residents True

Staffing Details

  • Staff Type: Shift
  • Number of Staff During Day: 0.0
  • Number of Staff On-Site at Night: 0.0
  • Number of Awake Staff On-Site at Night: 0.0
  • Nurse or MD on Staff and On-Site: True
  • Multi-Lingual Staff: False
  • None

Pricing & Avalability

  • Memorycare 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Memorycare Shared:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Memorycare Studio:  Starting Rate:$ 5300.0/mo
  • Assisted Living 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 5065.0/mo
  • Assisted Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Assisted Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Assisted Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 6825.0/mo
  • Independent Living 1-Bedroom:  Starting Rate:$ 4525.0/mo
  • Independent Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 6825.0/mo
  • Private Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo


Jamie Thurman, AZ Realtor

5 Stars

Clearwater Ahwatukee is luxury senior living at its finest. The location is great with easy access to the I-10 and loop 202. The moment that you step inside you see the beauty and the amenities that Clearwater Ahwatukee has to offer!

Big Traveler

5 Stars

I go visit a couple that lives here and they absolutely love it. They moved in when the place first opened and so they’ve seen it grow and mature into what it is today. The apartment is spacious, there are two bedrooms in this particular model with a Full kitchen. The back patio is very convenient for those with dogs because they’re able to get out directly from the apartment. Staff is amazing and attentive. And the food looks delicious.

Patrick E

3 Stars

Nice facility although it could use some updates it’s a few years old so carpets and other things are starting to show the age. They just replaced the lousy director Breann with a new director who seems much more professional and competent. She also seems more in tune to the problems. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes made that will make the place a five star again. They regularly don’t have enough staff at the restaurants. The staff that’s there is always complaining they are short handed. The rent is a fortune. They charge my dad nearly 10,000 dollars per month and they refuse to budge on rent. I’m curious what other people who have family here are paying. Everyone please post so we can compare notes. Maybe we can do some collective bargaining.

Cindy Allsing

5 Stars

My mom has lived here for a year and a half and our family couldn’t be happier about her new home. The staff genuinely care about the residents and have been very accommodating to Mom’s needs. She recently had surgery and upon her return, the staff have rallied around us to help Mom complete her recovery. Special thanks to Doris - Wellness Director, Sherry - Caregiver Supervisor, and all of the caregivers and med techs who have provided extra care and concern for Mom during this time. Our family has great peace of mind knowing Mom lives in such a safe and caring environment. The staff is truly like extended family and we appreciate you all so much!

Kim Dobras

3 Stars

My mother recently moved here. She's high maintenance at the best of times, but because she doesn't handle change well she's gone off the deep end several times. The staff has consistently been extremely kind, patient, and upbeat with her. So far someone has stopped by on a daily basis to ensure that she's making it to meals (or offering to deliver to her). Every staff member we pass by introduces themself to her and offers their help. Sheri can manage mom's ... issues... with a finesse I find remarkable. (I told her I want lessons.) Pam has captured her heart and earned her trust - not an easy feat. Ben kindly called her bank for her today after she misplaced one of her bills. Dawn in the Tuk managed to get a smile out of her. I have no idea how they find such a consistently great crew! Many of the residents are also very kind - offering directions, introducing themselves and offering cheery hellos as we pass by. I'm really expecting mom to be happy here once she gets settled in. Edit 10/10/23 Pretty frustrated that her land line regularly quits working. This has happened intermittently for months now, and she keeps being told that they're stuck in a contract with the phone provider. Last I heard, contracts worked both ways: you pay for a service and they're responsible for actually providing it. It seems as if the contractor isn't being held accountable for holding up their end. The 3 stars are for Pam. Thank heaven she's still there!

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