Facility License Details

  • License Number:  AL6356C
  • Licensed Capacity: 56.0
  • License Status: Active
  • License Effective: 2020-11-01
  • License Expiration: 2024-10-31

Inspection History


Small, dedicated memory care community located at 91st Ave and Union Hills in Peoria. We do accept private pay and Mercy Care under ALTCS

Care Attributes

  • Accepts Bariatic Residents False
  • Accepts Physically Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Verbally Agressive Residents True
  • Accepts Exit Seeking Residents True
  • Accepts Residents With Complex Medical Care Needs False
  • Accepts Wandering Residents True

Staffing Details

  • Staff Type: Shift
  • Number of Staff During Day: 9.0
  • Number of Staff On-Site at Night: 6.0
  • Number of Awake Staff On-Site at Night: 6.0
  • Nurse or MD on Staff and On-Site: True
  • Multi-Lingual Staff: True
  • Spanish

Pricing & Avalability

  • Memorycare 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Memorycare Shared:  Starting Rate:$ 5532.0/mo
  • Memorycare Studio:  Starting Rate:$ 6395.0/mo
  • Assisted Living 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Assisted Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Assisted Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Assisted Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living 1-Bedroom:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Independent Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Private Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 0.0/mo


Sylvia Trieu

1 Stars

When I first moved my mom here end of 2019, the staff was amazing with helping to make her comfortable. There were days they would make it seem like she was working there with them to help with the residents since my mom was their youngest occupant. The staff were friendly and great with her, especially Veronica. My mom had a 2 instances where she was aggressive with the residents at the facility and they had to send her to the ER for Geriatric mental evaluation. She wasn’t the same when they brought her back. She wasn’t able to walk on her own anymore and could no longer feed herself. In 2021 she was put on hospice since her weight dropped since she wasn’t eating. This is a memory care facility and I believe they don’t have enough staff to take care of everyone especially around feeding times. Most of the people don’t remember to eat or drink and need assistance. Whenever I visit, I would sit there and feed her and she would eat everything. She didn’t fight me on eating. While there I would see the staff try once or maybe twice with the other residents and if they weren’t into it, they just stopped feeding them. I understand that they can’t force anyone to eat but I feel that if they were more patient, they could get them to eat. The reason for my 1 star review though are for a few reasons. One being no one mentioned anything to me about her bed sore. I noticed it because I saw some pink fluids on her sheets and saw it when I changed her diaper. I had to tell them so that they would order wound care. The most important reason though is because NO ONE called me to tell me that she wasn’t eating for a week before Hospice called me to tell me that my mom is transitioning and is about to die. I was friendly with the staff and they would call me when she had a fall or incident but NOTHING when it came to her not eating. I live out of state, if I was told she wasn’t eating I would have been there sooner. I would have had more time with her. If hospice hadn’t called, I don’t even know when Brookdale would have notified me. When I was there overnight with her, it was rare for someone to come in to change her diaper. It wasn’t until I did it myself that they came and checked. We ended up moving her home in her final days for her to passed at home. After the funeral we went in to clear her room, management gave me a condolence card and said to take everything from her room because they didn’t want any donations. I would not recommend this facility based on my experience.

Claudia Warren

5 Stars

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Brookdale Union Hills. When my father fell critically ill, other facilities turned us away, but Brookdale Union Hills welcomed him with open arms. It was crucial for us to keep my parents together, especially after 57 years of marriage. The staff at Brookdale Union Hills proved to be more than just caregivers; they were compassionate, kind, and dedicated individuals who provided exceptional care for my father until the very end. Their unwavering support during his passing and their continued exceptional care for my mother have been a source of immense comfort during a difficult time. The facility is always immaculately clean, a testament to their commitment to maintaining a comfortable environment for residents. I wholeheartedly recommend Brookdale Union Hills to anyone seeking a memory care facility. Their extraordinary staff and their dedication to their residents' well-being make this place truly exceptional.

Mariah Paschal

5 Stars

I am so pleased with the care my Mom receives here. She feels like it is family. Activites are so good to keep everyone involved. I really feel when I am here visiting I also am part of the family. The staff is so good, they give hugs and make everyone feel welcome. From the front desk to the caregivers and activity directors. The medical staff is always in touch with me to keep me updated. If anything arises they always let me know.

Kristine Ledin

5 Stars

My Mother loves her room, all care givers. She has very few complaints in the 1yr 1/2 she's lived there. They are responsive to our requests, meals are quality! Clean, feels like a home.

T. Knows

1 Stars

My mom was an LPN working here fall 2021. They didn’t treat their employees very well. She was in a major crash and had trouble with walking long distances. They would not allow their nurses to sit at any point in their shift. My mother got tired of how poorly they treated not just her, but other employees and after barely 2 months of working here, she quit in November 2021. Hopefully they are treating their workers better!

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