Facility License Details

  • License Number:  AL11394C
  • Licensed Capacity: 94.0
  • License Status: Active
  • License Effective: 2020-06-25
  • License Expiration: 2024-05-31

Inspection History


Avanti Living at Peoria embraces a holistic view of senior living to empower residents to move forward in life with confidence. For that purpose, you’ll find Avanti’s state-of-the-art care, services and programming to be liberating, invigorating and full of boundless opportunities for growth, well-being and personal fulfillment.

Care Attributes

  • Accepts Bariatic Residents False
  • Accepts Physically Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Verbally Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Exit Seeking Residents False
  • Accepts Residents With Complex Medical Care Needs False
  • Accepts Wandering Residents False

Staffing Details

  • Staff Type: Shift
  • Number of Staff During Day: None
  • Number of Staff On-Site at Night: None
  • Number of Awake Staff On-Site at Night: None
  • Nurse or MD on Staff and On-Site: False
  • Multi-Lingual Staff: False
  • None

Pricing & Avalability

  • Memorycare 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Memorycare Shared:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Memorycare Studio:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 4400.0/mo
  • Assisted Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ 3795.0/mo
  • Assisted Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ 5295.0/mo
  • Independent Living 1-Bedroom:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo



1 Stars

Beautiful facility with great amenities and not much assisted living care to residents. My mom was a resident from July 2021 to February 2023. Care and assistance was great in the beginning but gradually got worse as time went on. Examples: Medication dropped on floor, found many times with no change after talking to executive directors several times. No shower assistance on a regular basis per week. No reminders for meal times. She missed scheduled meals often. Once, recently, I had to call at 7:40 pm to request they take my mom some food. Had to request bathroom to be cleaned many times. Waste baskets overflowing. Urine smell from depends. Laundry was not taken as scheduled. Laundry returned with missing clothes and items that did not belong to mom. Once her clothes & clothes basket were missing for two weeks. Not good. Problem being Avanti does not have enough staff with a huge turnover of employees. In the beginning Executive Director Sandra was great. She was replace after about four months and things were starting to decline. They are on their 3rd Director now from when we signed our contract. We finally put a camera in my mom's room to see how she was struggling with no proper assistance. That was very helpful to see my mom's routine and to see what changes we neeed to make. We talked to Director many times regarding her assistance with very little help. Again not enough employee help. So we had to move on from Avanti to hopefully a better place. We loved the facility convenience and some of the staff that tried very hard to correct problems. So really think about level of care you would receive before taking your loved one to this facility. After all it is suppose to assisted living.

Matthew Miller

5 Stars

This evenings charcuterie board class was both intimate and exciting!!! Avanti Senior Living knows how to take care of people, which is really what it’s about. The Executive Director Kyle Caswell is found actively in his community. Cheryl Markel and Elizabeth Novak are really the brains of the operation though as they support Kyle in completing their goal of helping as many families as possible. Thank you for this.

Alicia Gonzalez

5 Stars

Avanti is a beautiful community and how lucky that they have a new Executive Director with so much experience and continuity in Senior Living. Kyle knows every resident by name and stops to speak with each one as he sees them. He treats staff as professionals and has great rapport with health care providers. His addition to Avanti is a bonus to residents, their families and staff.

Nick Simonetta

4 Stars

Avanti Senior Living is an extremely nice facility. Our family member has been there from the November 2020 beginning. There have been challenges over time but the longer Kyle Caswell runs the facility, the more stars it earns. In the time Kyle has been the Executive Director the improvements have been apparent and continuing. His dedication, leadership and willingness to communicate are the basis for betterment of the facility. I believe if Kyle stays I have no doubt that Avanti will continue to elevate.

Barbara Moehling

5 Stars

Avanti Senior Living community offers so much more that just a beautiful environment! They have so many ways for the residents to get involved and along with many fun events for the whole family. Plus they include programs to help the residents to physically and emotionally thrive. Staff is top notch!

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