Facility License Details

  • License Number:  AL12469H
  • Licensed Capacity: 9.0
  • License Status: Active
  • License Effective: 2023-03-13
  • License Expiration: 2024-03-13

Inspection History


Peaceful And Comfort Assisted Living Home is a non-medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly licensed by the State of Arizona to serve up to ten residents. We provide care and services to those who need assistance, have health issues or are no longer safe to live by themselves. Small Private Facility. Your loved one will live in a house in a residential neighborhood. This creates a comfortable environment providing socialization and fun. Our home is the right size where our residents feel comfortable and a part of a group. We are privately owned. Our management team is dedicated and focused on the operation of the facility and provides continuous instructions to assist our caregivers to effectively care for our residents. Our Exceptional Location and Environment. Our home features a comfortable floor plan with an outdoor patio that encourages movement and provides a soothing and calming environment for our residents. It is within easy reach for visitors. All-Inclusive Care. A stress-free environment where care, services, food and basic supplies are included into one cost-effective rate.

Care Attributes

  • Accepts Bariatic Residents True
  • Accepts Physically Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Verbally Agressive Residents False
  • Accepts Exit Seeking Residents False
  • Accepts Residents With Complex Medical Care Needs False
  • Accepts Wandering Residents False

Staffing Details

  • Staff Type: Shift
  • Number of Staff During Day: 2.0
  • Number of Staff On-Site at Night: 2.0
  • Number of Awake Staff On-Site at Night: 2.0
  • Nurse or MD on Staff and On-Site: False
  • Multi-Lingual Staff: True
  • Spanish;Italian

Pricing & Avalability

  • Memorycare 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Memorycare Shared:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Memorycare Studio:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living 1-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Assisted Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living 1-Bedroom:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living Share Shared: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living Studio: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Independent Living 2-Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Master Bedroom: Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Private Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ 4000.0/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Full-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Private Half-Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo
  • Shared Room w/ Shared Bath:  Starting Rate:$ None/mo


Jack Griffin

1 Stars

After writing my review you would not post it.. It was so degrading and disgrace of facts of how you run and treat your patients. Abuse is NOT ok even if you are being paid by his/her child to do so. Hate gets no one very far. It is unlawful , and taken note at funeral home how this person was sent to his final resting place by this facility, in a dirty diaper and vomit stains on t shirt. This is NOT OK. Not written by name above, but behave of the known


5 Stars

They have an amazing staff that go above and beyond for their residents! Thank you for caring for my grandpa 🖤

Angelina S.

5 Stars

My relative was here for a few years, & it was always a joy to know they enjoyed where they lived, thank you guys so much for your work, we will always appreciate it.

Oscar Hernandez

5 Stars

Peter Balistreri

5 Stars

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